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The tours of the Song of the Stars

At the Star of the Stars, astronomy and star evenings are held privately/openly for couples and up to groups of hundreds of participants.

For a private stargazing you can add a 'desert taste': a 'boutique beer bar' Made in Yeruham, a 'musical Komzitz', a pampering 'Poika dinner' and more.  

Get to know our options:

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Come for a fascinating experience of watching the spectacular night sky of the Yoruham Crater. Information and tickets...

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In "Song of the Stars" we offer you for the first time in Israel - the rental of an independent stargazing kit.....


Schools, educational institutions, localities and community centers - get to know the options we have tailored for you....

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A heavenly journey between the stars where we will know our place in the universe, with explanations and fascinating stories....


Experience astronomy with a cold bottomless Glenz boutique beer bar in the observatory complex......


Pampering Poika on coals, with a luxurious atmosphere in the heart of the desert before/after our astronomy activity. Including the layout of tables and chairs in the area.


to connect to the silence, the environment, the stars, the desert, and above all yourselves.... A fascinating tour following the people of the desert.

Camp Fire at Night

A musical experience in our stargazing? We have arranged that for you too. Still, the name requires...


When photography and astronomy meet: special collaborations with amazing astrophotographers.....


New activity!

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