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Astrobir - beer and astronomy night (+18)

For employee committees/traveling groups and special events we areSuitable for a barCold boutique beer (bottomless pouring) together with the astronomy activity.


Combining the astronomy activity with a bar where Boutique Glantz beer will be served - a desert beer, cold and tasty with a fascinating Yeruhami story, alongside salty snacks.
At the bar we make sure to tell about the local beer and how it is made and enhance the experience. We have no doubt that thanks to her you will see many more stars.
The bar includes different styles of beer (drink as much as you can), hot sangria (in the winter months), soft drinks from the Coca-Cola family, water, and snacks including: olives, pretzels, nachos.

*All products have a kosher certificate.

**This activity is a possible addition to stargazing


price list:

Supplement for a participant in the group: from NIS 60 (subject to a minimum of 25 participants)

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