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Star maps and other information

If you are interested in experiencing the sky for yourself, we recommend that you download the star maps (at the end of the page), go to a dark place (for recommended observation sites, scroll down) with charcuterie, hot tea and coffee, some snacks, a mat (and of course check the weather forecast first) and start to know the night sky.


If you persist in going out for observation, you will soon notice that familiar stars will start winking at you and the patterns of the constellations will become clearer and easier for you to recognize. And there is nothing like the magic of the sky when you manage to notice the formations created by the stars and connect to an ancient heritage that is thousands of years old.

Star maps for download, courtesy of the Astronomical Club of Tel Aviv University.

It is recommended to download sky dome applications that will make your work much easier.

Below are some of the recommended apps - click on them to download:

Star Tracker.png
Sky Map.png
Star Walk 2.png
Star Chart.png

Dark and good sites for stargazing

The best observation sites are of course in the Negev region. The reason is clear: the air is dry, the chance of cloudiness decreases as you drive, hard soil, and of course low light pollution. But you can also find a few sites close to the center that can satisfy at least some of us. Get the full list:

Dark sites in the south of the country

Dark sites in the center of the country and around Jerusalem

Dark sites in the north of the country


Recommended weather sites we use

windy application (the basic is excellent, but from experience it is highly recommended to also purchase the premium)

A site where all the weather sites are concentrated and a comparison can be made between the different sites

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תודה רבה!

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