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We met Moshe Glanz from 'Song of the Stars' at the colorful sands parking lot which is about a ten minute drive from Ruham. It was already completely dark outside and we could barely see his face, but that's not what's important, the main thing is that no lighting prevented the thousands of stars in the sky from twinkling in a way we haven't seen in a very long time.

Moshe, who lives and breathes astronomy, decided to turn the hobby into a way of life and pass on his crazy knowledge. For about an hour, after giving us blankets and spreading out a mat, he exposed us to a world that he understands so well. We received instruction on the various stars, planets, stardust, the zodiac signs in the sky and of course everything was accompanied by demonstrations and telescope observation. It's amazing how much we know nothing about this world (literally), and how fascinating this field is. And no, it's really not just for fans of the genre. No matter who you are, you will have fun.

To add to the atmosphere, during the observation we also got to tasteGlentz capital, which Moshe prepares himself. Stars and beer is definitely the winning combination that you didn't think of.


Gilad Yalon ynet

As darkness descends on the crater, the desert heat is replaced by the bone-piercing cold of the winter nights. I equipped myself with a vest and a coat and returned to the crater center to meet Moshe Galantz, who offers a guided astronomy activity at the "Song of the Stars" mobile observatory. "The goal is to connect to everything that is beyond the here and now. Here in the crater you can see the same stars that the ancients saw," explains Glentz.

Over the years his hobby became a real profession, alongside another hobby that we will expand on later. Six years ago Glantz arrived in Yeruham and as an astronomy enthusiast he tried to understand from the locals where he would be able to observe the stars. "Everyone went to Mitzpe Ramon, I said, 'Wait a minute, there is a crater a quarter of an hour's drive from Roham with lots of stars in the sky, why don't you come here?' And that was my goal - to make Yeruham a focus for stargazing. After the madness last summer, I think I've pretty much succeeded."


Gili Melnitsky TheMarker

When Moshe Glantz, an amateur astronomer, came to Yeruham, he heard the entrepreneur talking to him, and decided to turn his hobby into a job. He founded the Shirat Kochavim project, which offers an astronomical experience, and is now hungry to prove to himself and the environment that the choice he made when he left Jerusalem is paying off. He is not in a hurry and has patience, and also a work environment that has no limits - the sky.

"When 300 people come from the center, you have to give them the feeling that it was worth it," he says. "The advantage is that you can arrive with heels or bare feet, and walk billions of kilometers without taking a single step. The main thing is that at the end of the tour I look into the eyes of the participants and they glow with excitement and the light of the stars is reflected in them."


Elyashiv Reichner first source

For the first time there is no need to go as far as Mitzpe Ramon to enjoy the meteor shower. In Yeruham, which is closer to the center, an astronomy event is held every year that also offers guided observations with a battery of telescopes.


The one who brought the stars down to their place is Moshe Glanz, a journalist and amateur astronomer who moved to the town in 2015. Glanz founded an independent venture called "Song of the Stars", in which he offers groups all year round guided astronomy observations in the Yeruham Crater. For the star events in August, Glentz brought together the local council and private municipal bodies.

Alon Wand | Here is 11

When he was 28 years old, Glantz was exposed to a universe without limits. He went with his family to their home to watch the stars and the amount of knowledge he has accumulated in the last ten years does not embarrass any astrophysics graduate.

You don't need a $250,000 plane ticket to see the magic of the sky. With Moshe at night In Makhtesh you fly freely for a distance of billions of kilometers - only with your eyes




Yahal Ashad, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ben Gurion University of the Negev


After a long corona routine, we closed with the entire faculty (about 150 students) of earth sciences at the university on an evening of star guidance in the Yeruham Crater with the singing of the stars. The forecast left no room for optimism, and two hours before the gathering, they decide to go to Chazalesh.

The rumor starts to spread and the great expectation of all the participants drops in an instant. A second before, I called Moshe and told him - no matter what the state of the sky will be - we exist.

Moshe arrived and gave the instruction of a general. The sky did start out as cloudy but cleared from time to time. Despite an in-depth knowledge of the field (geologists) the participants enjoyed, learned, became wiser and gave endless compliments. Recommended and fun activity, for small and large groups.

Highly recommend. 


Eli Gonen, manager of the 'Desert Iris' hotel


Yesterday I personally experienced an astronomy activity of the singing of the stars conducted by Moshe Galanz..
Moshe gave a fascinating explanation about the entire array of stars and each and every star.

Moshe has enormous knowledge.. a true professional..
Moshe has an unusual ability to explain.. hypnotizes any group.. children.. boys.. adults..

Highly recommended for a group.. for work teams of business companies and families
Those who come to the south and especially to Yuraham......
do not miss


Hagit Ran ben Yishai

Two weeks ago we deviated from our custom and went for a walk in the Negev. We knew there was an experience we shouldn't miss and it was: private instruction by Moshe and Yael Haadirim!!!
The kids had a great time... we even more... we didn't stop asking questions and being interested...
A must experience for all ages...thank me later


Rabbi Shaul Edelstein, head of the Bnei Ram Yeshiva

In honor of Moshe Glantz and the instructors of Shirat Kochavim,

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of the Yeshiva staff and all the students, for a fascinating astronomy evening in the Yoruchem crater as part of a two-day trip we had in the area. 

Thank you for your endless patience, for conveying astronomy instruction and the story of the stars of the sky in an intriguing and surprising, fascinating and enlightening way, in a flowing and clear language, from Abraham our father through King David to our present day. 
We all felt your enthusiasm and great love for the field. strength

I would also like to thank you for the fact that, even after the instruction was over, you came to the Yeshiva students' request to the "Yeruchum Midrash" to continue talking in detail about the stars above until the late hours of the night.

I have no doubt that from today the look at the sky will be different and more special.

Iris Mallow

It was fascinating!!! Moshe and Yael are charming. Suitable for all ages. Everything is done with a lot of care and professionalism. Moshe has knowledge and love for the field in an unusual way!! Thank you so much for a great experience


Orna Samolov


A lovely experience for the whole family! Arriving at the Great Crater at night, lying on your back on huge mats and watching this wonder accompanied by Moshe's fascinating explanations! Moshe is full of knowledge, fascinating, makes astronomy accessible to adults and young people. When was the last time you saw the Milky Way? There was wow and there was also tea and charcuterie.

Dotan Pelez, Tripadvisor

We came to celebrate a birthday, watch the Perseid shower and find out what's going on in their neighborhood.

"Song of the Stars" is a tremendous experience. Mats on the ground, lying down and watching the sky, and forgetting about the world. Moshe's explanations are wonderful and fascinating, and here and there when you see a satellite or a "falling star" - the excitement is great.


To complete the experience, a number of telescopes are available that Moses and Yael aim each time with incredible professionalism towards the sky and invite those present to watch and enjoy.

Crystal Smeder

Moshe is an excellent guide who opened a window to heaven for us. He managed to interest the entire age range with stories about the stars. He answered a question with a clear and simple explanation. A lovely experience to lie on a mat with hot tea and look up at the sky to see and hear about stars.
Highly recommended... Moshe Maxim

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