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Open stargazing


Come for a fascinating experience of watching the magnificent night sky of the Negev.


With the help of laser beams that almost touch the stars, we will get to know the dome of the sky and the twinkling stars, with fascinating explanations and stories. We will present the constellations of the zodiac, find out how to easily locate the North Star, notice prominent stars and get to know the mythological stories associated with their names.

During the training, our guides will pass and serve hot herbal tea. And there's nothing like drinking something hot on a desert night.

In the second part of the observation we will move to telescopes. You will have at your disposal a battery of sophisticated telescopes through which we will observe the craters of the moon and the planets, get to know deep sky objects, star clusters, galaxies and nebulae - whatever the sky will provide us on the night of the observation.

To order tickets for our observations and daily activitiesClick here

Want a private observation? to our optionsEnter here.

* The amount of telescopes depends on the size of the group. On average, we provide a telescope for every 10-15 participants.


We have brought you all the reasons to go stargazing - read on

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