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Private stargazing

When you arrive you will find that we have set up a particularly pampering observatory for you: mats, mattresses, blankets, pillows, hot tea, laser pointers, crazy telescopes and a sky full of stars.


After a few minutes of getting ready, we will go on a fascinating celestial tour, from the development of astronomy to the great discoveries of our time. A journey in which we will tell about the physical stars - large balls of gas that light up our nights, up to the stars that are crowned with them, and songs, stories and beliefs are tied to them.

In the second part of the activity, a road was observed A huge telescope into the depths of the universe, we will delve into the planets, moon craters, star clusters, galaxies and nebulae - whatever the sky will provide us on the night of the observation.

In addition, during the observation, the participants will be able to connect to our telescope, and download "deep space" images taken LIVE directly from the telescope to the smartphone. This way you can return to your routine with a spectacular, unforgettable souvenir.

price list:

For a small group (up to 15 participants): 1,800₪ including Telesone cup 
For a medium group (up to 30 participants): 2,000 NISincluding Shani Tfor scopes
For a large group (up to 40 people):  2,200 NIS including 3telescopes

*On Friday evening an additional NIS 350


For groups of over 40 participants, contact us and we will adjust a price offer for the activity.

* The amount of telescopes depends on the size of the group. On average, we provide a telescope for every 10-15 participants.

** The price is for the activity taking place in the Yeruham area, Sde Boker,Ramon Crater. Activities in more remote areas have an additional price.

Want to know what else can be added to the activity?Click here 

to orderContact us by phone or write to us.


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