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Independent stargazing kit - including fascinating listening instruction 

Have you thought about doing guided stargazing - but at your own pace? Did you remember at the last minute and the tickets for tonight's observation have already run out? Do you want to hear the story of the stars in the sky but alone with your spouse / children / friends or family? Do you want to hear the beats of the desert and see the movement of the stars in the tracks of the sky without anyone disturbing? 


We at "Song of the Stars" offer you for the first time in Israel - equipment rental and star guidance - for the independent observatory.


What is included in the kit: 

-star guidance 60 minutes long (a podcast to listen to under the guidance of Moshe Glantz - Yeruchem's star man)

-Professional binoculars - wide field and sharp lenses (you can see through it the craters of the moon, Jupiter's moons and star clusters)
-star map  Great quality for your use
- downloadable sky dome application 

- Green laser flashlight

- A mat
- Ultraviolet flashlight (to locate scorpions)
- Carboly (as the number of participants)
- Tea/coffee set + crunchy cookies + wood for the fire
- A cooler with cold boutique beers (as the number of participants over the age of 18)

All that's left for you is to order the package on the website, come pick it up from Roham and set off. Now it's just you in front of the stars

Price: NIS 350 per couple. 40 shekels for each additional person.

To order, contact us>>

The fine print:

- A photocopy of an ID card and a credit/check deposit of NIS 1500 must be left until the equipment is returned in its entirety at the end of the observation.

- The kit must be returned in full no later than 15:00 the next day. A delay in returning the kit beyond 3:00 PM will charge the customer an additional full rental price.

- There is no need to return the indulgent cookies and the desert tea you made :) nor the empty beer bottles (recycled of course).


what yes the expensive binoculars (including the case), the mat, carboys, the complete coffee set, the flashlight, the star maps, the laser flashlight and the cooler. 

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