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A luxurious and indulgent poika meal on coals

Do you want us to treat you to an amazing Poika dinner over coals, with a luxurious atmosphere in the heart of the desert before/after our astronomy activity? Talk to us.

The meal includes: starters, salads, meat/vegetarian main course, side dishes, last course, soft drink - cold and hot.

Method of serving: buffet, Fancy plates and cutlery (no serving in disposable utensils).

For the new 2024 menuCRo Kesht.

price list:

Cost of a dish per person: from NIS 195 (including setting up tables and chairs in the field).

Minimum portions per meal: 25 

Kosher: the food served is kosher in the local rabbinate's Yeruham (Rabbi Yitzhak Shalu) kosher. Smooth meat, leafy vegetables in a bunch.

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Cooking Outdoors

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